The Wave Matrix of Life
Presentation during the Collin ScaleUp meeting, Delft, Nov. 08, 2017. New methods in learning and innovation. Part II of talks in Vig, Denmark, July 2017. Pro-active instead of reactive care for the environment.


Exploring new theories on creation, life and consciousness

As young children we jump freely from moment to moment, from situation to situation, from person to person. Each and every experience feels like the centre of the universe, and we ourselves are fully immersed in it.

Whereas this is in many ways a truthful and enjoyable state of mind, there's just a bit more to life. At one point we realize that those moments we encounter are all strung together in many different ways. This is when our logical thinking takes control and as a result we become individuals, having individual viewpoints, needs and ambitions.

A healthy outlook is not to focus only on inner reality or on external achievements, but to keep engaging both at the same time. This results in physical, emotional and mental and spiritual balance, growth and wellbeing. At the same time it reflects the dual-sided path of evolution in the grander scheme of things as well as on the smallest scales.

The Wave Matrix of Life is a philosophical, scientific, and perhaps esthetic representation of this basic idea, forming the framework of conscious experience.

Philosophically, the Wave Matrix of Life is different from most traditional teachings and philosophy as it results from a dual-sidedness within consciousness itself, steering the internal and external paths of evolution, rather than from a personal, dualistic viewpoint.

As a theory, the Wave Matrix of Life provides a challenging, new line of thinking relating to themes and (unsolved) issues in modem physics. While quantum reality is uncertain and the framework of time and space is relative, a consistent experience of reality clearly must arise when the two get somehow synchronized.

Psychologically, the classical "observer" and the "observed" are ill defined. The idea of "observer" is not precisely the same as "subjective", and "observed" is not "objective" - it is a dualistic viewpoint. Instead, the "observer" and the "observed" both have - and share - a common perceptual and a conceptual angle.

As an example of practical application, the Wave Matrix of Life provides innovative algorithms for diagnosis- and training based on measurable heart and brain coherence. If the underlying line of thinking is well understood and integrated, wave matrix psycho-physiology has the potential to develop into a scientific approach in modem coaching, (psycho-) therapy, etc..

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• Heart and Brain Internal Coherence Diagnostics and Biofeedback by TrigunaMedia

• Additional notes on the history of ICC research: www.heartcoherence.com/history

In the natural world, the Wave Matrix of Life constitutes a universal medium capable of steering energy intelligently, creating life in all forms and on all scales, and in this capacity counteracts thermodynamics, creating order out of chaos.

Thus the Wave Matrix of Life is an integral approach to creation, evolution and conscious experience. It is inspired by, and deeply based upon the paradigm-shifting Microvita Theory of the Indian preceptor Shrii P.R. Sarkar as well as related ancient and contemporary sources.

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