Frank van den Bovenkamp MSc

Frank was born and lives in the Netherlands. Soon after graduating, he engaged himself in research, innovation and entrepreneurship. He is also a long time practitioner in the spiritual tradition. Frank is one of the few to date exploring the ground breaking creation theory (based on Microvita Science) of P.R. Sarkar in greater depth, sharing it in terms of spirituality and physics.

Frank invented the CardioGem and NeuroGem, highly innovative ECG / EEG diagnostic applications based on Sarkar's theory, concepts of wave matrix theory developed by himself and on early research of Institute of Heart Math. His products are used by health professionals, in clinics and by researchers worldwide.

His personal interests and research subjects cover the areas of bio-psychology, microvita cosmology (P.R. Sarkar) and (quantum) physics, with an emphasis on personal experience and realization. His work and ideas are used to help create a deeper scientific understanding of intuitional concepts.

Frank collaborates with entrepreneurs, creative and open-minded scientists, therapists, intuitional- and mainstream researchers, artists, spiritual practitioners and educators to deepen our understanding and develop practical uses and curriculum.

His teaching subjects include the fascinating effects of bio-psychological coherence, such as the geometric origin of sound and color, a unique explanation of the subtle plexi, of bio-psychology (chakra's) the origin of fractal patterns in nature and subspace vorticity.

Education: In 1987 Frank graduated from the Saxion University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands) in electronics, with a minor in applied physics.